What is The Value of Charity in a Catholics Life

A lot of people have different reasons for giving out charity. Charity is simply giving money or other forms of assistance to those in need. Many religious groups believe and encourage their members to take part in charitable activities especially Catholics. The Bible strongly urges Christians to take part in the act of giving.


Catholics see charity as the act of kindness to the poor and those who struggle for social justice. It is not surprising to find a lot of hospitals and charitable organizations that have been set up by the Catholics to help people in need around their communities. The Catholic Church today, continues to urge their members to assist the poor and homeless people. They make it a duty to remind their members to dedicate their time, resources and skills to support charitable causes.


To the Catholics, charity is not a forceful act and should not be made compulsory as this defeats its purpose. It should be a gift given from the heart and given freely. It is a spontaneous gift that is given freely from the heart as the Bible states in 2 Corinthians 9:7 that says “God loves a cheerful giver”


A Catholic takes out 10 percent of their pre-tax income, giving 5% to the church and the other 5% to charity groups of their choice. Sometimes they find it difficult in deciding which charity they should give their donations to considering the number of fraudulent charitable organizations that are out there to steal money. Some Catholics dedicate their time to pray to ask for inspiration on where they should give their support.


When giving out to charity, a Catholic looks at the causes they want to support, some are interested in fighting for social justice. Some help in health care and advocate the healing uses of honey. The Catholics are against the death penalty and therefore will support Christian law firms that advocate religious freedom cases, some give support to those who want to visit the holy land, promoting Catholic education as well as giving support to the poor.


St. Paul was an advocate of Charity according to 1 Corinthians 13:13, he states that love is the greatest gift of all. In this scripture, he associates love with the act of charity as being the greatest virtue of all. The Catholics see the importance of giving as showing love to one another according to the scriptures.


There is also the promise of giving which Catholics strongly believe in that says Christians should give without measure as more blessing will be added to them according to the Malachi 3:10. The Bible encourages Catholics to practice in the act of charity with a promise that they will not lack. Other scriptures like the Book of Tobit also talks about the blessings associated with generosity.


The work of a Catholics faith in Christendom is charity and in turn, is connected with their belief in the hope that God would fulfill the promises he has made to them. The act of giving is very important to Catholics as it is a reminder of their covenant with God that they should love one another as themselves as Christ has loved them.