The pastors put their time and heart into making sermons for people that can help them make a difference in their lives. However, it can sometimes become difficult for them to get people’s attention to their words. Many times the people at church lose interest in the words of the pastors and their minds wander around. It can get frustrating to see people not care about the knowledge they can get to help themselves connect to the Holy Spirit. We have put down a list that will help pastors to deliver their sermons with people’s utmost attention to their words.

These tips are proven to be beneficial according to neuroscience and will help pastors to make their lectures interesting for people.

Setting the right mood

It is scientifically proven that when people feel food, they are able to pay more attention to what is happening around them. They are less vulnerable to any distractions around them and can dedicate more focus on the thing they want to do. The pastors can take simple steps to cheer people up in a bright day instead of heading directly to the sermons. This will give them time to ease down on their seats and pay attention to what their pastor has to say next. A good humorous start can be one easy way to put them in a good mood to listen.


Balance the sermons

If the sermons are too complicated from the beginning to end, it will be hard for people to concentrate on them. They will face trouble in grasping every point in the sermon if the pastor keeps throwing heavy information towards them. The pastor should create a balance of highs and lows in their lecture so that people get time to rest their brains in-between. Adding stories, points, and examples will keep the young and adult minds attentive without tiring themselves.

Build up to important points

A pastor should develop the skill to give a speech that can first get the listener’s attention, make it curious, and deliver the answer. The human brain does not accept just any information without a context. Pastors should invest time in framing their sentences with curiosity before they put the important information. Build each point to a point when people become curious to know and only then fire the information.

Add novelty to sermons

A pastor should not hesitate to add examples that get the people interested. Sometimes people can get bored of the preachings when they are indoors. In such cases, the pastor should take a step and move the group to a different location to continue preachings. Surprising them with new things will keep them entertained during the lecture, and their minds will stay in the right place.

Novelty to sermons

Make it relevant

People need to connect with the lectures on a personal level. If it is about something that they can relate to, they will be more interested in knowing more. The pastor should connect the dots of their sermons to people’s lives so they can understand the topics better.